Students Association, Housing and Fees

All association initiatives are viewed as entrepreneurial efforts, and are therefore encouraged. Hence, Thursday afternoons are reserved for athletic and/or association activities.

At Iteem, the association projects represent additional practical experience, and therefore an extra opportunity for students to develop independence and a sense of responsibility.

Iteemiens have, for example, devised several projects that they manage like mini-companies. These projects include the Human’Iteem Association, which has installed an irrigation system in Burkina Faso, and the Lille aux Enfants Association, which organises a solidarity event in Lille every year to benefit a Children’s Aid association.

The Iteem Student Committee (BDE in French, for Bureau Des Elèves) actively oversees and develops student life: excursions, travel, corporate relations, conference organisation… The committee is comprised of students from all different years who are elected based on their motivation to proactively undertake actions and events for Iteem. Every year, the BDE organises major events for the students and works every day to ensure an enjoyable and professional atmosphere in the school community.

The students have access to dozens of athletic, cultural and artistic associations on the campus. The energy of the student community life enables each student to become involved in activities that interest them, and to share their passion with others.

For more information, please visit the BDE site: