A five-year curriculum

At Iteem, becoming an engineer is not reduced to acquiring a simple list of skills. It also means developing interpersonal skills and a state of mind which evolve with the curriculum.

Iteem places great importance on sharing certain objectives and values, such as respect, commitment, perseverance, daring, challenge-seeking, and above all, entrepreneurial skills.

From the very first days of the programme, orientation activities offered by the teaching team and the students of other years help create a real sense of belonging to the Iteem community.

  • The first days, which are organised by the teaching team in the form of competitions, serve to give new students an idea of the skills and knowledge they will acquire during their five-year course of study, as well as the mindset of an Iteem engineer.
  • The IFI (Iteem Fusion and Integration) team, which is comprised of Iteem students, serves to facilitate the arrival of new students by promoting dialogue among them as well as exchanges with students of other years through recreational activities.