A five-year curriculum

Completing engineering and management studies in five years is a real challenge…but it is made possible both through innovative teaching methods, adapted to the specific nature of the curriculum as well as through an innovative programme.

Iteem has chosen to organise studies into three phases, thereby integrating all studied disciplines and practical experiences from the very first year. Consequently, Iteem is not based on integrated preparatory classes, but rather on an instructional syllabus specifically designed for the programme.

  • From the very first year, frequent practical work opportunities, role playing, case studies, conferences, company-sponsored projects and internship periods constantly help students relate theoretical concepts to their practical applications.
  • The eight-month internship in an international company constitutes a critical phase in building the professional project.
  • In the final year, the students integrate one of the specialisation options of the Ecole Centrale de Lille on the one hand and attend high-level SKEMA Business School classes on the other hand. Next, they complete their personalised professional project through a year-end company internship or by creating their own company (five months).

For more information on the specialisation options