Internships and projects

International experience, which is essential these days and highly valued by recruiters, plays a dominant role at Iteem, as evidenced by the 8- to 9-month internship in an international company (in a non-French speaking country) that Iteem students are required to undertake at the beginning of their fourth year of studies (from June to end-February).

Iteem international internship

The goals of this internship are mainly:

  • To participate in executing a company project and to be a project participant like any other. There are really no specific requirements regarding the type of mission. It just needs to allow the student to achieve the educational objectives of their studies. Depending on the student, the missions may focus on:
    • Business development: Setting-up a new subsidiary, launching a new product
    • Logistics: Implementing warehouse processes and concepts, improving delivery processes
    • Production: Implementing production monitoring indicators, quality processes
    • Information technology: Developing software, implementing E-commerce or E-marketing sites.
  • To discover a new company and country culture: the host countries cannot be French-speaking. Once again, the destinations vary depending on the students: South Africa, Austria, Australia, Bangladesh, Burundi, China, Chile, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Sweden, the USA…

The purpose of the fourth-year, 8- to 9-month company internship abroad, which is an overwhelming success with the students and the companies, is to learn how to work in a different culture as well as to gain an enriching professional experience that is highly valued by companies.

This special part of the Iteem programme constitutes a force that drives student to acquire independence and maturity.