Engineers, Managers or Entrepreneurs

Maxence Vanhove (10) (Schneider Electric - USA)

I am currently involved in the development of a hosted solution to help companies to monitor their energy.

Technical skills gained during my curriculum at Iteem are helping me to be very comfortable with fields such as electricity or software engineering. In addition to that technical interest, the commercial aspect of Iteem allows me to work closer to the marketing team and therefore filing the gap between the client’s need and the technical product.

Last but not least, the project management methodology instilled along the years at Iteem helps me get a global view of the activity but also analyse weaknesses and strengths to complete a project successfully

Racha Hatahet (09) (Crédit Agricole - Paris)

Since the end of my studies I have been working for Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, within the IT Department. My mission in the “Methods and Quality” team consists of the international deployment of a new project management method for all IT projects of the bank. My activities are focused on practical actions as training, workshops, coaching and monitoring of IT projects all around the world.

The key to this mission lies in the complementary skill set Project Management / Computer Engineering that I acquired during my studies at Iteem. In addition, this international-oriented curriculum, especially through the third year placement enables me to evolve with ease through this global mission.

Adeline Tietard (08) (Auchan - Lille)

I am working at Auchan as a Supply Chain Manager. I am in charge of ensuring products availability, optimizing supply chain channels from the suppliers to the stores, and finally always looking for improving the way we work. It is a job in which we interact with many stakeholders: purchasers, suppliers, carriers…and in which we discover new issues every day. Iteem enables us to have a wider vision of our job thanks to the various courses taught and also enables us to adapt ourselves quickly within the company we work at. The international work placement of the Iteem 4th year, my specialization in Logistics and Transport as well as my last work placement at Decathlon helped me to find my professional way within the Supply Chain Management field.