Engineers, Managers or Entrepreneurs

Grégoire Lengaigne (

In Novembre 09, a friend of mine and I launched our online retail. dedicated in bedding articles (mattresses, beds, pillows). We sell items from the largest bedding brands, and from our own brand named Someo. Our key success factors are our specialisation, our prices and our ability to give useful advice to our customers.
Developping an online retail requires skills in various fields : computing, logistics, marketing & photography and finance. Iteem was the ideal graduate school, for enabling us to develop such skills. Now, I manage a team of 4 people and our development is fast. Entrepreneurship isn't easy everyday, but it's an enriching and fascinating human and professional adventure.

Charles Christory (Adictiz)

I always had the strong will to get ahead.

In taking the decision to go to Iteem School, I knew that I was going to follow a course that would bring me skills to developp that will. I didn't know how, neither why before going to Iteem. But, what was certain is that I had really the opportunity to fulfill myself during the 5 years at Iteem, in starting lots of projects, student associations, and also through the different internship experiences, particularly the one abroad.

And at the end of Iteem, I decided to create directly my company Adictiz.
The dayly is animating myself a lot, everyday is bringing something new. Of course, all of them aren't perfects, greats as I would like; there are ups and down. But I am still convinced that Iteem brought me all technical, managerial and human cards to face challenges and difficulties with energy in finding the right solutions. Those of yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

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