Engineers, Managers or Entrepreneurs

Neoter (Jérémy Simon)

Neoter is a company founded in 2010. Specialized in public and private works, particularly in sanitation and laying of pipelines, it has generated in less than a year of activities, 14 new job positions on permanent contracts and a turnover of more than 600,000 € (Grégoire Lengaigne), specialist in e-business bedding, was built in May 2009. Most well-known (ou famous pour faire plus court) French bedding brands are sold on the website with competitive prices. 4 hires occurred in this young and innovative company.

LearningDrip (Frédéric Bouchez)

LearningDrip propose a concept for guiding the company in building its vision and its open-mindedness, to stimulate and awake employees to the new challenges of the changing world.

Feeze (Loïc Barbaut)

Created at the end of 2010, feeze is specialized in business applications development. Quoting and invoicing, business management, snail mail sending ... are now just one click away within a user-friendly interface. Designed at first to meet the requirements of small-sized industries, feeze's products range will soon be enhanced by new applications fitted for freelances and services providers.

Ekinoks (Nathan Auslender)

Ekinoks, creator of renewable energies

Ekinoks is a study office and installer of renewable energy technologies. We advise our clients, in B2B and B2C, on the choice of product which can be energy production, hot water or ecological heating.

Choco Museo (Clara-Isabel Dias)

ChocoMuseo is a chain of chocolate and cacao museums. Locations include Granada, Nicaragua and Cusco, Peru, and will soon be expanded to other Latin-American countries.

At ChocoMuseo, you can learn all the secrets of your favorite treat, and be taught through workshops how to make your own chocolate, right from the beans. We also offer a cacao farm tour, to quench your thirst for discovery.

Au Fol Argent (Benoît Lamborelle)

Au Fol Argent carefully selects rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces in solid silver. We choose for our customers a classy jewelry collection manufactured by mexican artisans according to the hundref-year-old expertice.

Akabia (Marc-Antoine Delnatte & Cyprien Prouvot)

Akabia is a web agency positioned on the open source website development market, and proposing a wide range of solutions that will perfectly fit each request.
With the support of the Créativallée association during the founding process, and the award of the Réseau Entreprendre Nord (northern France Entrepreneurship network), Akabia gets slowly but surely, and sustainably, inscribed in the economic scene of the Nord-Pas de Calais region.

Adictiz (Charles Christory)

Created in 2009, Adictiz is specialized in the conception of social games on Facebook. Those games are focused on increase the interactivity between brands and their communities.