Cooperation with companies

Sopra Group

A major player in consulting and IT services in Europe, Sopra Group obtained a total sales figure of 1,094 million euros in 2009 and has a human and intellectual potential of over 12,000 staff.

Thanks to a historic culture of excellence and high sectoral, functional and technological expertise, the Group offers its customers a global approach backed by a proven industrial mechanism. Sopra Group's aim is to enable its customers to focus on transformation projects linked to their competitiveness and growth.

The scope of its skills ranges from strategic upstream study to the management of major systems integration projects and application outsourcing. Moreover, through its subsidiary, Axway, the world leader in Business Interaction Networks with a complete range of solutions and services, the Group pursues the worldwide deployment of its application integration activity and technical process management.


NORPAC, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, has been a general contractor located in the Departments Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Aisne for more than 30 years.
NORPAC and its subsidiary for Property Development CIRMAD NORD actively contribute to Town and Country Planning with references in different sectors such as schools, hospitals, industrial civil engineering, and housing.

NORPAC differs in 3 fields: its ambitious safety policy (one single target : zero accident), its ability to innovate in order to meet its clients’ requests at best, and its commitment for sustainability through the process « Actitudes ».

NORPAC benefits from the corporate synergy in the group Bouygues Construction, which enables to interact in ambitious projects outside its area, such as the new Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Amiens-Picardie, the EPR in Flamanville, the prisons of Le Mans and Poitiers…

NORPAC develops a modern social policy based on a social dialogue, equity and promotion of diversity, responsibility and priority given to the safety of any person present on its construction sites.

NORPAC in figures:

800 employees at the service of our clients
A turnover of 242 million euro in 2010
More than 1400 housing units delivered or renovated without any reservations in 2010

Oxylane logistics

Oxylane logistics belongs to Oxylane group.
Decathlon, the original chain created in 1976 near Lille, and the other local and on-line retail formats, sell Passion brand products (Tribord, Quechua, Domyos, Wedze, Kalenji, fouganza..), made with materials provided by our Component brands ( Novadry, Stratermic..), and also the major international brands.

Oxylane brings together two different activities :
Creating international sports products and brands and local and on-line retail.
These two areas of expertise, along with all the brands, are united behind a common purpose: to create desirability and make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to all.

Oxylane controls the whole of the product development chain: from research to sale, including design, production and logistics. Our supply chain & logistics field's employees work everyday to develop our activities in upstream logistics (import, export, customs), downstream logistics ( operational jobs in warehouses, transport, sécurity process) and transverse logistics (expansion, innovation process, finance…)

4500 sports addicted employees
25 jobs
410 millions of delivered products each year
40 warehouses in 13 countries.