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The objective pursued by Iteem is to bring to the fore new profiles for its students, where the traditional boundaries between the fields of engineering, management and commerce are abolished.

The goals of the five-year Iteem programme are to provide each student with real dual expertise in engineering and management/business and to develop each student’s entrepreneurial potential.

From the very outset, at the beginning of the first year, this atypical profile distinguished itself from that of engineers with management skills or manager with technical skills.

The programme does not involve simply studying engineering for three years , followed by management for two years, nor does it involve merely adding management modules to a classic engineering curriculum. Rather, Iteem is based on experiencing a combination of both areas of study on a daily basis from the very first year.

In a single day, an Iteemien can, for example, have a mechanical engineering class and a marketing class.

Iteem students

The daily shift from one area of study to another, as well as the fusion of both areas of study in many cross-disciplinary activities, such as projects and numerous internships, genuinely allows Iteemians to develop qualities that are greatly valued by companies (high level of adaptability and the capacity to acquire a wide-ranging approach to projects).

At Iteem, entrepreneurship is not limited to launching companies. It can also mean creating subsidiaries or launching new activities: establishing a new market, proposing a new way to operate within a company, or even developing a joint project.

Therefore, the desire to be an entrepreneur can be expressed both professionally and personally.