Cooperation with companies

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Training with and for companies is essential.

On the one hand, it allows students to find themselves in situations that simulate what they will subsequently experience and to start immediately developing the proper reactions.

On the other hand, relations in the corporate world help the Iteem programme keep abreast of market needs.

Finally, the internships carried out during the programme afford our students the opportunity to obtain real professional experience during their education.

Internship and job offers can be submitted using the form provided. The offers are immediately distributed to the students or to recent graduates.

For longer-term offers – for a full year, for example – the projects carried out during the first three years are an opportunity to work with a team of students and the teaching and research staff who support them throughout this activity.

The internships and projects are, of course, exciting opportunities for companies and students to work together, but they are not the only opportunities for such exchanges.

Companies can also contribute to student training and Iteem programme development through conferences, company visits, “taxe d’apprentissage” funding (French apprenticeship tax paid by companies to organisations they select) or financial aid.

Would you like to become an Iteem partner? Feel free to contact us.