How to apply to Iteem

Once your file is received, Iteem will indicate, on the Admission Post-Bac site, whether or not your application has been accepted.

The entrance exam dates and times will be provided to candidates by mail a few days before the exam date.
In addition, students who have been approved to take the admissions exam will receive notification a few days before the interviews.

Starting on the indicated date, and for the duration of the recruitment process, you can find your results by connecting to your personal space on the Admission Post-Bac site.

You can only have one admission offer per phase:

  • the best possible given your list of preferences,
  • the candidate rankings (performed by the schools for selective programmes)
  • and, starting in the second phase, the number of places relinquished by other candidates.

You have a 72-hour period during which to respond to an offer.
If you do not respond to an offer within the given time period, you are considered a “resigning candidate”.
There are four possible responses:

  • “Definitely yes”: you definitively accept the offered programme.
  • “Yes, but…”: you accept the offer for now, but you hope to receive an offer from one of the programmes that was ranked higher on your wish list.
  • “No, but…”: you refuse the offer, but you keep the applications for the schools ranked higher on your wish list active.
  • “I relinquish all of my applications”: you are no longer a candidate for any of the programmes on your wish list.