How to apply to Iteem

All registration procedures are carried out on the Admission Post-Bac site.
First, you must sign-up on the site (see calendar for the site opening date).

  • Open your electronic file by entering your INE/BEA (The BEA is the French national student number attributed to students when they enter junior high school. It becomes the INE when they pursue education after high school. It can be found on your BAC results.). Some information is already provided. You need to verify this information, correct any errors, and complete it if necessary.
  • Provide your e-mail address (required). Once registered, you will receive an automatically-generated e-mail with a six-letter activation code to enter into your file.
  • After having provided this information, you will be assigned an enrolment number and a confidential code. N.B.: the inscription number and confidential code will only be displayed on the screen once.
  • Enter all of your application requests. You can apply up to 36 times: up to 12 times for each type of programme (Engineering school, Preparatory classes for French Grandes Ecoles, and so on).
  • You will need to rank your applications in order of preference before the indicated date based on your wishes and career plans.
  • You need to validate and print each of your applications before the indicated date.

You will be able to modify the order of your wish list until the deadline indicated on the Admission Post-Bac site.